Gait Analysis System: Precision Technology for Runners

The Helix 3D, our Gait Analysis System, uses advanced technology to offer runners and run specialists deep insights into running mechanics, enhancing performance and playing a crucial role in injury prevention.

Revolutionizing Running with 3D Gait Analysis

The Potential of Real-Time 3D Technology in Running

Real-time 3D technology in running analysis is a game-changer, offering unprecedented insight into a runner’s mechanics. Run specialists can now observe a three-dimensional view of running mechanics in real-time, facilitating instant corrections and improvements in form and technique. 

The comprehensive movement analysis captures every aspect of a runner’s movement, from joint angles to stride length, offering a depth of understanding that surpasses traditional video analysis.


Comprehensive Benefits for Runners and Specialists

Leveraging proprietary 3D technology, our gait analysis system brings many benefits to enhance running performance

3D Running Gait Analysis

For Runners

Runners gain personalized insights into their gait mechanics, allowing them to understand and improve their unique running styles. This leads to tailored training plans optimized for each individual’s biomechanics, resulting in more effective and efficient training sessions. Additionally, the system is pivotal in injury prevention, identifying biomechanical inefficiencies or imbalances that could lead to injuries.

For Running Specialists

For running specialists, the system enhances their ability to conduct biomechanical analyses. It allows for more precise assessments, aiding diagnosis, treatment planning, and progress tracking over time. 

The detailed and visual nature of the 3D gait analysis also serves as a powerful tool for client engagement and education, enabling specialists to demonstrate improvement areas and explain the reasoning behind specific exercises or adjustments in running form. 

By integrating this advanced technology into their practice, specialists enhance their service offerings and position themselves at the cutting edge of running analysis technology, fostering professional development and growth.

Optimizing Running Performance with Advanced Gait Analysis Software

Features of Our Gait Analysis Software


Efficient Data Processing

Our advanced gait analysis software is designed to rapidly process extensive biomechanical data, leveraging the power of 3D technology. This feature ensures both speed and accuracy in analysis, requiring as little as 10 seconds of running to gather all necessary information.


Intuitive Visualization Tools

The software includes advanced visualization tools that make complex biomechanical data easily understandable. This functionality is crucial for making the data accessible to both professionals and those without a technical background


Comprehensive Biomechanical Analysis

At the core of our software is the ability to perform an in-depth analysis of every aspect of a runner’s gait. This comprehensive examination provides a holistic view of running mechanics, essential for enhancing performance and preventing injuries.


Customizable Reporting

Our software offers the capability to generate tailored reports, focusing on specific biomechanical aspects relevant to individual runners or research needs, enhancing the personalization of the analysis.


User-Friendly Interface

Designed with user experience in mind, our software features an interface that simplifies the navigation and understanding of complex data, making it accessible for users of all skill levels.

Enhancing Performance with Intelligent Algorithms

Customizable Reporting

Our software’s intelligent algorithms are specifically designed to dissect gait data, uncovering unique patterns and anomalies. This feature is invaluable for both runners and specialists, as it allows for the identification of subtle biomechanical issues that might otherwise go unnoticed.

By highlighting these areas, our software facilitates targeted interventions. This leads to improved running form, a reduced risk of injury, and enhanced overall performance. It’s a critical tool for those aiming to achieve peak running efficiency and safety.

Predictive Analysis for Injury Prevention

The predictive analysis feature of our software stands as a game-changer in the realm of injury prevention. It proactively identifies factors that could lead to stress or injury in the body, offering a significant advantage for preemptive care.

This foresight allows runners and specialists to make adjustments to running form or training regimens before injuries occur. This not only helps in maintaining continuous training schedules but also ensures a longer, healthier running career, benefiting both amateur and professional athletes.

Customized Training Strategies

Upon analyzing a runner’s gait, our software offers personalized training strategies. These strategies are tailored to each runner’s unique biomechanical profile, ensuring that they are not just effective but also efficient.

This level of customization leads to faster improvement in performance, better adaptation to training, and a more enjoyable running experience. 

For coaches and trainers, this means being able to provide highly individualized coaching, setting their services apart from the competition and enhancing their value to clients.

Data-Driven Decision Making for Specialists

For running specialists, our software acts as a powerful tool for data-driven decision-making. The insights provided by our algorithms enhance the accuracy and relevance of the advice given to runners.

Gait Analysis Equipment: Revolutionizing Running Analysis with Helix3D

At the forefront of gait analysis technology, the Helix 3D System offers a comprehensive and sophisticated solution for enhanced running analysis. 

This system is a blend of several key components, each designed to work in unison to deliver research-grade data, crucial for both clinical and athletic performance settings

Features of the Helix3D – A Leader in Gait Analysis Equipment
Running man w headphones

Cutting-Edge 3D Mocap Cameras

A standout feature of the Helix 3D System is its high-precision 3D Mocap Cameras. These cameras are engineered to capture the minutest details of a runner’s movement. They provide a three-dimensional view of the gait, allowing for an unprecedented level of analysis and insight into running mechanics.

Advanced Helix 3D Software

The heart of the system is the Helix 3D Software. It processes the data captured by the cameras, translating it into detailed insights about the runner’s biomechanics. This software is the key to unlocking a deeper understanding of gait dynamics and the factors that influence running efficiency and injury risk.

Features of the Helix3D – A Leader in Gait Analysis Equipment

User-Friendly Interface for Easy Operation

Ease of use is a critical aspect of the Helix 3D System. The interface is designed to be user-friendly, allowing specialists, even those with minimal technical training, to operate the system effectively. This accessibility ensures that the benefits of advanced gait analysis are not limited to high-tech laboratories but are available in a range of settings.

Portable and Versatile System Design

The design of the Helix 3D System emphasizes portability and versatility. It can be easily set up and used in various environments, from clinical settings to training grounds, making it a versatile tool for different professional needs.

Practical Applications and Benefits in Diverse Settings

Inside the World of Gait Analysis 1

Advanced Helix 3D Software

The heart of the system is the Helix 3D Software. It processes the data captured by the cameras, translating it into detailed insights about the runner’s biomechanics. This software is the key to unlocking a deeper understanding of gait dynamics and the factors that influence running efficiency and injury risk.

Helix3D – Real Time Running Analyses

Practical Applications and Benefits in Diverse Settings

The system enables the creation of personalized treatment and training plans, tailored to the individual needs of each runner. Whether for rehabilitation or performance enhancement, the data-driven approach ensures optimal outcomes.

Running Gait Analysis test

Injury Prevention and Recovery

A key benefit of the Helix 3D System is its role in injury prevention and recovery. By identifying and addressing biomechanical issues, the system helps in preventing injuries and aids in the recovery process, making it an invaluable tool for long-term athlete health and performance.

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Performance Optimization for Athletes

Athletes and coaches can utilize the system to fine-tune running techniques. The insights provided by the Helix 3D System are instrumental in enhancing overall athletic performance, offering a competitive edge in training and competition.

Bringing Advanced Gait Analysis to Your Practice

Discovering the Business Potential of Gait Analysis

Integrating the Helix 3D system into your practice enhances the quality of services offered and significantly boosts your business potential. This state-of-the-art technology caters to a wide range of clients, from professional athletes to recreational runners, each seeking to enhance their performance and prevent injuries. Such a diverse clientele base can lead to a notable increase in your practice’s revenue.

Moreover, the Helix 3D system’s efficiency in providing detailed analyses streamlines your workflow. This efficiency means you can serve more clients effectively, boosting your practice’s productivity and profitability. 

When it comes to financing, viewing the Helix 3D system as a long-term investment is essential. In the short term, you can realize increased revenue streams by charging for premium services. In the long term, you should consider the high lifetime value of clients that come to your business for gait analysis. Its impact on your practice’s growth and service quality is substantial. 

Getting Started with the Helix 3D System

Starting with the Helix 3D system is as simple as scheduling a personalized demo. In the demo, we’ll explore the system’s key components, like the 3D mocap cameras and Helix 3D software. Regardless of your tech skills, you’ll see how user-friendly the interface makes it easy to use.

The demo will walk you through setting up the system, reading and using the data, and applying it in real-world scenarios, whether in clinical or training environments. It’s also a great chance to ask specific questions and see how the Helix 3D system can be customized for your practice’s needs. 

With this knowledge, you’ll be ready to bring this advanced technology into your practice, enhancing your services and elevating your business.

Schedule Your Personalized Demo and Transform Your Running Practice

Schedule your personalized demo to see how our gait analysis system can refine your approach, enhance client satisfaction, and set your services apart. It’s time to take your practice to new heights. Schedule your demo now and begin a journey that redefines excellence in gait analysis. 

Payments start as low as $500 per month.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Helix3D stands out due to its real-time 3D technology, which provides a more comprehensive and detailed view of running mechanics than traditional 2D video analysis. This technology captures every aspect of movement, offering deeper insights into biomechanics for both injury prevention and performance enhancement.

Absolutely. Helix3D is beneficial for runners of all levels, from beginners to professional athletes. The system tailors its analysis and recommendations to the individual’s biomechanics, making it an effective tool for everyone.

The Helix3D system can provide comprehensive gait analysis with as little as 10 seconds of running. This efficiency ensures quick and accurate results, making it a practical tool for busy clinical and training environments.

Yes, training is provided to ensure that users can fully leverage the capabilities of the Helix3D system. The training covers system setup, data interpretation, and application in real-world scenarios.

Yes, Helix3D is designed to integrate seamlessly with various fitness technologies and software, enhancing its utility and making it a versatile tool for different professional settings.

Scheduling a demo is simple. Contact us at [contact information], and we’ll arrange a personalized demonstration where you can see the system’s capabilities and how it can be customized to meet your practice’s needs.