Gait Analyst Certifications

RunDNA Gait Analyst Certifications equip your professional with the expertise to analyze and improve running form, reduce injury risk, and enhance overall performance. 

lvl 2 certificate 1

Level 1 Certified Running Gait Analyst

  • Mastery of the Runner Readiness Assessment: This functional movement screen identifies mobility and motor control deficits crucial for running form, helping prioritize treatment interventions.
  • Identification of Key Gait Categories: Can identify five main categories of running gait that can lead to injury, understanding the biomechanical factors and common injuries associated with each.
  • Systematic Running Form Analysis: Using evidence-based, systematic approaches, clinicians analyze running form through both 2D and 3D strategies.
  • Development of Gait Retraining Programs: Ability to create comprehensive gait retraining programs for the five common running gait deviation categories.
lvl 2 certificate

Level 2 Certified Running Gait Analyst

  • RunDNA Methodology: Understanding of the RunDNA methodology for managing running-related pathologies.
  • Identification of Injury Pathologies: Can identify the most common running injuries and the appropriate approaches for improvement.
  • Mastery of RunDNA Loading Levels: This plyometric program for runners enhances running economy and tissue resilience.
  • Advanced Gait Analysis: Can identify twelve categories of running gait that can lead to injury, with a deep understanding of the associated biomechanical factors and common injuries.
  • Enhanced Gait Retraining Skills: Possesses enhanced skills in using gait retraining cues to improve running form.
  • Comprehensive Strength Training Plans: Understanding the importance of strength training for runners, they can create comprehensive strength training plans tailored for running.

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