Classic 5k Workout

Check out this classic 5k workout.

Do you have a 5k coming up? Below is a classic but very effective 5k workout to include in your training.

Prior to jumping into a workout like this, prime your body during the week before by performing striders after 3-4 training runs. Striders can be around 20 seconds in length and are run at 5k effort. Be sure to include full recovery between. We typically suggest 4-8 x striders.

Classic 5k Workout

  1. Dynamic warm up. Include a 10-15 min jog & running drills. Perform a few 20 second striders to get the legs loose.
  2. 4-6 x 400 meter repeats at 15 sec per mile faster than 5k pace. Try to negative split these, meaning your first rep should be the slowest, and your final rep your fastest!
  3. Jog 200-400 meters in between reps.
  4. Cool down with a 10-15 min jog.

Work up to 8-10 x 400 meters over 4 weeks.

Following a speed session is an excellent time to continue intensity such as a weight room session and plyometrics. You can maximize your results by making hard days hard and easy days easy!