The Little Things for the BIG WIN

He was the first to run a sub-4 mile on Delaware soil.

Sam Parsons took the win at the Delaware Mile Challenge in 2022. He focused on the little things for the big win!

He was the first to run a sub-4 mile on Delaware soil and this hometown hero even did it on his high school track! If you follow us on Instagram, you probably know we’ve been celebrating and riding high on such an historical running accomplishment. We’re thrilled for Sam and thought we’d share a little bit about how the RunDNA Systematic Approach helped him achieve such excellent results.

The RunDNA Systematic Approach focuses on the little things that end up being the big things. Sam spent months prioritizing the little things which wound up leading to the BIG WIN! Top running specialists know that expertise comes from doing the basics well and knowing what to prioritize for each person.

Here are three simple ways to prioritize the little things in running rehab and training:

1. Prioritize mobility. You don’t need to be a gymnast, but you should have basic mobility. A stiff body can never be strong or efficient! We took Sam through the Runner Readiness Assessment and gave him a 5 min mobility plan. Remember, runners want to spend most of their time running, but when they start seeing results from a small change in their training, they’re even more dedicated to mobility work. The Runner Readiness Assessment allows running specialists to meet each runner in their mobility and know exactly what to prioritize to advance runners mobility.

2. Incorporate strength. Heavy strength training is often the missing the link in a runner’s training plan. Sam was consistent with his bi-weekly RunDNA Strength Programs. He used periodization to make sure it enhanced his performance instead of taking away from it. Runners are often hesitant to embrace strength training, yet most running specialists have training in biomechanics, exercise physiology, and kinesiology which positions them well to explain the benefits of lifting exercises on running performance. When Running Specialists can use language runners understand and create simple strength plans, runners understand how this small change gets big results.

3. Efficiency matters. Doing more with less is the name of the game whether you’re running a sub-4 mile or going from couch to 5K in 5 weeks. Sam intentionally works weekly on his form to make his running more efficient (after years of not really knowing how much of a difference form can make)! Additionally, we took him through the Loading Levels to identify exactly where to start him on a plyometric training to make his spring more efficient.

Again, the little things are the easiest to overlook, yet have the biggest rewards. Runners want guidance from a Running Specialist so they can simplify the complexities of running and master the “little” things that add up to excellent results.

Congratulations, Sam!


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