Using the RunDNA App with Your Athletes

Our exclusive RunDNA App is a comprehensive tool that you can use with all of your clients or athletes

As a coach, you want to have a regular pulse on how your athletes are progressing with their training. You want to stay current with how your athlete is performing, feeling, and complying with specific training or rehabilitation plans. The RunDNA App is a comprehensive tool that you can use with all of your clients or athletes as a catchall for everything both athletes and patients, coaches and rehab professionals need to stay on track.


Here’s what we love about the RunDNA App

  1. Within each athlete profile, you have the ability to customize not only cardio programs for them to follow, but strength, mobility, and core programs as well that will help your athletes reach their goals! These workouts are nestled into the individual athlete’s calendar and are accompanied by tutorials.
  2. Accountability and communication is simplified. You can message athletes directly within the app, and you can track activity completion on a daily or weekly basis. Our RunDNA App syncs with Garmin, and athletes are also prompted to complete a daily journal entry whenever they log in, providing real-time feedback on how they are doing, any muscle soreness/pain, changes in routine, etc.
  3. If you did the Runner Readiness Assessment, 2D/3D analysis, or Loading Level Assessments with a particular athlete, these results and scores are accessible for both you and the athlete to view. This streamlines training progress as you and your athletes strive toward improving performance.

Here’s a snapshot of the content available to you and your athletes via our Loading Levels program!

YouTube video

In the app, you will also find elaborate gait retraining and strength programs and assessments, complete with a runner dashboard all designed to help you keep track of your clients’ progress!