Predicting Injury

Breaking down the details of a new study on injury risk factors

Outside+ recently published a fantastic article by Alex Hutchinson that broke down the details of a new study on injury risk factors. Much like you, we are advocates for injury prevention, so we were interested in what this study entailed and the potential use in our approach to treating runners.

Read the full article by Alex Hutchinson in Outside+ here.

The study focused in on ultramarathoners, with the goal of diving deeper into the components of female and male athlete triads including risk of stress fractures and other bone stress injuries. (See also a great blog written by Dr. Scott from Omega Project PT)

In addition, Hutchinson referenced an opinion piece available for reading for free in the International Journal of Sports Physical Therapy by Chris Napier and Rich Willy about the 10% rule and utilizing a casual framework approach in preventing/treating running injuries.

While I’ve shared my thoughts with you on Defining Training Load and the Rate of Perceived Exertion (RPE), the Outside+ article is a very compelling addition to the holistic treatment of runners for both injury management and injury prevention.