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The RunDNA Community, an integral part of the RunDNA Ecosystem, fosters continuous learning for running specialists to unlock their full potential. For an annual fee, community members receive special access to our networking community, exclusive educational events, listing as a provider on our website, and use of the RunDNA Portal.

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The RunDNA training portal offers a way to engage your runners, save time, and create new revenue sources around working with runners.

RunDNA Portal

Organize all of the information you need for your runners in one place and keep them engaged with easy to design training programs.

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Become a part of our expanding network of certified run specialists nationwide. Showcase your expertise and certifications on our page to enhance your visibility in your local community. Elevate your profile as a certified run specialist and be known for great results.

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We offer a number of free resources to learn more about working with runners.

Essential Elements of Running

A great refresher of running biomechanics and an introduction to the RunDNA Systematic Approach. If you are new to working with runners, or athletes who run, this is a great start.

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Hosted by CEO, Doug Adams, take a deep dive into the world of running and gait analysis. New episodes drop weekly. Find us on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or your preferred platform.

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Expert Instructor, Doug Adams

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