Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions about the RunDNA Community? Check out the frequently asked questions below to learn more. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, send an email to education@rundna.com.

RunDNA Community

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the RunDNA Community?

The RunDNA Community is a part of the RunDNA Ecosystem that focuses on continued learning for run specialists. For an annual fee, members of the RunDNA Community will receive exclusive access to educational events, an invitation to our private Discord server to connect with other professionals, listing as a provider on our website, and 1 year access to the RunDNA Portal.

Who should join the RunDNA Community?

The RunDNA Community is perfect for anyone who works with people who run such as athletic trainers, chiropractors, personal trainers, physical therapists, physicians, podiatrists, running coaches, running retail specialists, and strength & conditioning coaches.

How can I benefit from the RunDNA Community?

The RunDNA Community provides a new space for individuals seeking to accelerate their growth as a run specialist. Members will be listed as providers on our website to allow more runners to see out their services. With exclusive access to opportunities to learn, RunDNA Community members will regularly receive live webinars to keep up with the latest research or concepts around running and business development. RunDNA Community members will receive 1 year of access to the RunDNA Portal, which will allow them to organize their runners’ data and provide individualized programs leading to enhanced customer experience. And members will also have a platform to exchange ideas and network with like-minded individuals looking to succeed as a run specialist.

How much is the annual fee for the RunDNA Community membership?

A 1 year membership for the RunDNA Community is currently $179.

What is the Discord server?

Discord is a virtual social platform that is used to connect individuals into a single community to discuss specific topics. The RunDNA private Discord server is exclusively for RunDNA Community members to engage in discussions covering various aspects of working with runners. Open channels facilitate conversations on our education courses, business development, clinical topics, coaching, and research. Additionally, there is an exclusive private channel for Helix 3D owners. Join the conversation and connect with like-minded professionals in the RunDNA Discord community.

What type of educational events does the RunDNA Community provide?

The RunDNA Community offers exclusive monthly webinars covering diverse topics, accessible only to its members. In addition to these webinars, RunDNA will share valuable information through direct communication and research articles, contributing to the continual enhancement of your knowledge as a run specialist.

What is the RunDNA Portal?

The RunDNA Portal is our centralized web-based app system designed to streamline the management of all information related to your runners. It facilitates the organization of runners by their gait category, allows you to assign tailored programs based on individual needs, and enables measurement of training loads. Additionally, you can leverage the portal to sell training programs, generating passive income for your business. Learn more about the RunDNA Portal here.